From Desk to Stage: How to present your PhD?


Communication Skills

Target Group

PhD students or other researchers. Aimed at beginners who are in their first two years but more experienced researchers can join as well


The researcher should be able to present in English


Beginning researchers often spent most of their time behind their desk. This course aims to train the researcher to present their research as a pitch to an audiance. Not only are they trained to present a short pitch, they will give the pitch live during the Faculty of Engineering and Architecture Research Symposium (FEARS). More information on this event here. This way, the researcher has a first experience in presenting as a conference skill.


  • Attend the pitch training in the beginning of february (TBA)
  • Give a live performance during the FEARS event
  • Attend the "Sketchnoting" workshop during the event

Time shedule

  • Register before the 31st of January
  • Attend training 4th OR 13th of February(Tentative)
  • 19th of February: Attend FEARS event

Registration Procedure

Please register here

Evaluation Criteria

The researcher recieves the credit for the attendance of the training, giving a live pitch at FEARS and attending sketchnoting workshop during the FEARS event